Time to protect what matters.
Perimeter’s new long-range, ground sensor technology and AI-deterrence gives you time to protect your family and home.
Why People Love Perimeter
The Artificial Intelligence really deters crime. I also strongly believe it reduces the number of unwanted notifications and alarms. I am extremely satisfied with the installation and customer service.
Rojith Thomas
Rojith Thomas
Austin, Texas
I've used it for 3 months now. It brings a huge peace of mind at night knowing it scares off anyone in my front yard.
Man picture holding a baby
Ronak P
Austin, Texas
The system is simple and does not require a lot of setup.
Scott Carruth
Scott Carruth
Austin, Texas
I love the peace of mind that I get from this. I was afraid it'd go off when it wasn't supposed to, but it's weird how good it is.
Man picture smiling
Robert K
Austin, Texas
Watching it scare off the guy checking my car door at night was amazing. This is an absolute must-have these days.
Female Image
Cynthia O
Austin, Texas
There's nothing like this. I just wish I'd gotten it before my catalytic convertor was stolen.
Woman picture
Elaine W
Austin, Texas

Timing and Accuracy Are Critical to Preventing Home Intrusions

Nothing exists today that can detect intruders faster or more accurately than Perimeter's wireless ground sensor technology.

A single sensor can blanket your yard with the fastest, most precise human detection technology ever. With more time and Perimeter’s intelligent deterrence, you have more time to protect what’s important to you.

Simple to Setup
Install three simple devices for intelligent, early detection (animal-proof) and AI-powered crime deterrence. 
Tap to Deter Crime
Arm and Disarm your property with a single tap. 

AI Protects When You Can’t

Using AI, named Ava, Perimeter can intelligently detect and deter criminals using Neighbor Safe™ Lights and Sounds.

How to Improve Your Home Security and Get the Peace of Mind Your Family Deserves
How to Improve Your Home Security and Get the Peace of Mind Your Family Deserves
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