To setup, I need a few things
Ground Sensor
What I rely on most. It’s wireless, long-range, and can intelligently detect people faster than a camera. Place it near the perimeter of your property to detect intruders before they step foot in your yard.
Earlier, faster detection with the Ground Sensor now allows enough time to use a camera to confirm activity and deter intruders. The camera includes a spotlight and siren, which I'll activate to deter any would-be criminals.
Outdoor Smart Bulb
In addition to the camera’s spotlight and siren, I’ll also use an Outdoor Smart Bulb as an additional visual deterrent for intruders.
Where all of the AI processing takes place. The Homebase ensures that I’m accurate, lightning-fast, and all devices work together seamlessly.
I can quickly be armed, and you can review any activity with the Perimeter mobile app.
Game-changing Human Detection Technology.
Using the ground sensor I know the difference between animals, humans, and vehicles.
Supercharged Coverage, Range, and Speed.
Using Ground Sensors and a Camera, I can detect people in any-sized yard and work up to ¼ mile away.
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Finally, Crime Prevention That Works

Using the Ground Sensor to detect people earlier and a Camera to confirm the activity, I now have time to deliver a one-of-a-kind light and sound experience to deter crime before it happens.
Try It 60-Days Risk-Free
A Complete Deterrence Solution.
Early, long-range, AI human detection.
Ava detects intruders before they enter your property. 
Intelligent, autonomous deterrence.
Ava uses lights and sounds to protect your property while you sleep. 
Mobile activity alerts and history.
You have a simple way to Arm/Disarm Ava and view activity.