Security cameras
invade your privacy
Perimeter is a GROUND sensor technology that scares intruders away from your property without using cameras.
Bring security to your family WITHOUT losing privacy
Your family needs privacy!
Perimeter is the only security tool that's efficient enough to prevent crime without using a camera.
Perimeter is ground based
It means no images, no privacy invasion and smart intruder detection.
Meet the deterrence kit:
Ground Sensor
Ground Sensor
Detects intruders faster than a camera
Smart Bulb
Smart Bulb
Emits additional lights to scare intruders away
Processes AI and connect all devices
Allows you to arm and disarm the system
Phone app
1 / 3
Arm the system through your phone.
Or schedule to arm/disarm automatically
Ground Sensor On
2 / 3
If an intruder gets inside your yard, the ground sensor will detect it.
The fastest detection ever, before they break into your home.
Smart Bulb On
3 / 3
The smart bulb will automatically turn on to show someone is home.
Most thefts will stop here, they always want an easy target.
Groung Sensor in the ground
Long-range and high speed.
Perimeter can detect people in any-sized yard and work up to ¼ mile away.
Homebase in a restroom
Human detection technology.
Perimeter knows the difference between animals, humans, and vehicles.
1 Homebase
AI Processor & Indoor Chime
1 Wireless Ground Sensor
2-Year Battery Life & Free Replacements
1 Intelligent Outdoor Bulb
Premium LEDs & Deterrent Mode
+ Free Delivery
Same Week Delivery Available.
+ Free Professional Installation
A Perimeter technician will deliver and install your system for free on a day and time that is most convenient for you.
+ 30 Days App Trial
After 30-days you'll be billed $14.99/month for Perimeter's app.
No contracts — start or stop at any time.
Special offer
Buy it risk free