Black Hexagon Image5 Ways To Know If You Really Need Outdoor Awareness


5 Ways To Know If You Really Need Outdoor Awareness

06/22/2021 | 4 min read

It's safe to say that wherever you are in the world, most people are generally good and would never dream of harming you, your family, or your home. That said, although much fewer in number, the world is also full of those who would do you wrong. At the end of the day, there is really only one way to have total peace of mind; you need to know what's going on outside your home in real-time so that you can actually do something about it before it's too late. Here are the top five signs that you need real-time, preventive awareness outside your home.

1. You often leave home for long periods of time

Not everybody works from home these days. Many people still need to commute to another location for their jobs which often means leaving home for hours at a time. While away from your home, anything could happen, and if something does go wrong, then time is of the essence. If you don't even know that there's a problem, then it could very well be too late by the time you find out. There's no way around it; if you want total peace of mind, then you need to know the second something seems out of place, which is precisely what outdoor awareness solutions are all about.

2. You have valuables in your home that could attract thieves

Okay, you might not have the Mona Lisa hanging in your living room, but chances are that you have something in your home that means just as much to you. Your valuables and sentimental objects are more than just things; they are often a part of your family's future and should be secured from those who would steal from you. Doorbells nowadays have cameras in them, or at least some of them do, but your home probably has multiple points of entry, and knowing right away when any of them are breached is of paramount importance.

3. You want to ensure your kids or pets are safe when they're outside

If you have kids or even pets running around outside your home, it makes perfect sense that you would want to monitor them to ensure that they're safe when you're inside or not at home. Having an outdoor awareness system is one of the best solutions because it can provide real-time information on what's happening in the backyard, front yard, or anywhere else on your property. Often just knowing that they're being monitored is enough to encourage your kids to be on their best behavior.

4. You need to keep an eye on other areas of your property

If you have a gate, buzzer, pool, or another area on your property that you want to monitor, an outdoor awareness system is again a great solution. By knowing who's in the driveway or who just jumped in the swimming pool, you will be able to take action if and when you need to. No matter how much you'd like to believe otherwise, the truth is that life requires you to be vigilant in order to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your home; for that reason having outdoor awareness is the only way you can ever truly have peace of mind.

5. You frequently shop online and package theft is a concern

Hopefully, you've never had a package stolen from your porch or mailbox; those who have will tell you how frustrating it can be. Imagine spending your hard-earned money and then waiting weeks or even months for your item to arrive only to find out that somebody stole your package before you could bring it inside. It's hard to believe that random strangers would steal from you, but the sad reality is that it happens every single day. Real-time outdoor awareness means you'll know the instant your package arrives, and peace of mind knowing that it’s safe until you pick it up.