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Holiday Series: Avoid Social Media

11/22/2020 | 5 min read

During the holiday season, it’s tempting to post all of your travel plans or travel updates on your public accounts. In this highly connected world, where social networking platforms are integrated into our everyday lives, criminals can gather almost anything from your public (and even sometimes private) social media accounts. Avoiding social media during escalated travel seasons will essentially help in protecting your home, your property, and your belongings.

1. Forget the property pictures

Have you ever thought about what you’re posting on your social media day in and day out that’s giving details about your house, your yard, and your belongings away? Criminals lurking on social media will be quick to take note of the electronics you have, the tools you use, and the layout of your property if you are posting it publicly. Next time you want to snap a picture in your kitchen, or in your backyard, think twice about where you’re posting it!

2. Don’t announce vacation time

This may sound like common sense, but you would be surprised how often this happens when it comes to social media and traveling. Avoiding announcing your vacation before you leave will help to protect your home, your yard, and your belongings while you’re gone. At the very most, tell your trusted neighbors or community, but it would be a mistake to go as far to announce your absence on the world wide web.

3. Try to avoid posting during travel

Especially on public accounts, try to avoid posting when you’re on vacation in general. If your account is public, anyone can get insight into where you’ve gone, how long you’ll be there, etc. Details gathered from your social media accounts while you’re away from your home will only aid thieves in committing crimes.

Forgetting your property pictures in general, not announcing your vacation time, and avoiding posting during travel will greatly reduce the risk of crime while you are away during the holidays. Avoiding social media will ultimately protect your home!