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Holiday Series: Fake A Human Presence

11/10/2020 | 5 min read

Before leaving for the holiday season, there are several indicators that criminals can look for as evidence to whether or not someone is home. Obviously, a vacant home is more valuable than one with people present because it makes the theft less difficult for criminals. Faking a human presence goes a long way in these scenarios. By double checking these three areas before you leave town, you’ll be in a better place when it comes to protecting your home, your yard, and your belongings.

1. Make it look fresh

If you’re in a place where snow falls, shovel the snow to make it look freshly groomed. If not, at least mow the grass shortly before you leave town, so it doesn’t look too overgrown by the time you return. Avoid leaving your house without evidence that someone is home. Think through all landscape items that can be properly taken care of before you leave.

2. Avoid package deliveries

While you’re out of town, try to postpone or reschedule any package deliveries through either the post office or delivery service that might come to your doorstep while you’re away. Another option is just to avoid ordering anything, or to give special instruction when ordering to deliver to the back porch or somewhere where packages wouldn’t be visible from the street. You could even ask your neighbors to regularly check your porch and mailbox for packages and mail. After all, packages on the doorstep or porch scream “no one is home”.

3. Consider background noise or lights

When going away for a week or longer, consider leaving a radio running in the background of your home or a TV on. Although it might be running the electricity, it definitely makes criminals perceive someone is inside. In addition, another way to fake a human presence is to leave a lamp or kitchen light on. Not in a place that would illuminate the valuables and everything in your home, but in a place that’s discreet and just lightly fakes evidence of someone’s presence inside the home.

During the holiday season, not only are travel rates increased, but criminals are lurking on homes that are vacant, ready to criminalize. These three tips to faking a human presence are important to help protect your home, your yard, and your belongings during the holiday season.