Black Hexagon Imagesecure the outside of your home and its assets


How To Secure The Outside Of Your Home

08/24/2020 | 5 min read

Are you afraid of even the thought of crime happening within your vicinity - whether in your yard, or to your belongings? Perimeter was created just for that. With home burglaries happening on average about every 26 seconds in the United States, security is more important than you think.¹ And the ball is in your court now to be proactive in protecting the outside of your home. Here are 3 simple ways to start:

1. Light up the area

This is an easy fix! Illuminating hidden areas can immediately help guard your yard and its belongings, such as gates, fences, vehicles, or barns. Install motion detecting lights. Well-lit areas are less likely to be attractive to criminals.

2. Clean up the surroundings

Start to clean up areas within and around your property. Trim up overgrown trees and bushes. Criminals will try to find anywhere possible to hide, so removing potential hiding spots is an easy way to negate the possibility.

3. Don’t wait

Why wait to secure? Be proactive in taking steps to protect. Lock your car, get your mail frequently, make sure your valuables are out of plain sight. There’s no harm in taking precautionary measures. Keeping criminals out of your yard helps ensure the safety of your home and your high-value outdoor assets.



¹ FBI - Crime Clock