Black Hexagon Imageprevent peeping toms from entering your property


Protect Your Home From Peeping Toms

6/14/2021 | 5 min read

According to Merriam Webster, a “peeping tom” is a pruriently prying person, or someone who secretly watches others, typically through a window or other openings of a home. In fact, in Texas, police officers have the right to arrest someone if they have reason to believe that they are “spying” on someone in what  should be a private place without their consent. But… how exactly can you prevent a peeping tom from entering your property and what should you do about it if you notice one?

First, start by installing blinds, shutters, or black out curtains on the windows inside your homes. This will automatically defer peeping toms from being able to “peep” inside your home.

Second, communicate immediately with local authorities and your community. If a peeping tom was observed, have you contacted the police department? At the very least, you should file an online police report and if no other option, create a public statement on your local neighborhood social media pages, such as Next Door or Facebook.

Lastly, install a smart camera or a motion-detecting system to alert you of all entries within your property and in surrounding adjacent properties. Installing a system like Perimeter so that you can know what’s happening before your system even detects movement (on or within your property or in surrounding areas). With a smart camera or security system like Perimeter, peeping toms could be spotted and identified before ever stepping foot into your yard.

With these precautions in place, a peeping tom surely is not welcome on your property. Keeping these tips in mind when it comes to peeping tom will only help prevent one from first, entering your property and second, getting away with it.



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