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Protect Your Shed: Anchor It

09/25/2020 | 7 min read

We realize that your shed and its contents are valuable to you. Not only is it of value to you, but having a shed is also a huge risk for crime. That’s why we’re spending time over the next couple of weeks to continue to touch on what we find to be the most important tips when it comes to protecting your shed and your outdoor assets.  

Last week we mentioned why your shed’s location in proximity to your home and to the public eye is essential to protecting your shed. This week, we will provide a couple of tips on how to best protect your shed by making sure it is anchored down correctly.

Sheds range from all different types, costs, and sizes. While some are built sturdy, some can be easily destroyed or broken into because lack of being properly anchored. An essential part of protecting your shed is doing so.

You can help protect your shed from criminals by anchoring it specifically to the ground. It might be helpful to use large L-brackets to drill the shed into the ground (you can easily search these on the web to find the best ones). In addition, if not already, you could consider drilling holes into the ground, filling it with concrete, and setting it accordingly with galvanized anchor brackets. This would ensure the safety of your shed when it comes to criminals trying to get in through weak entry points, such as lifting it up and entering underneath. Anchoring your shed to a wall or fence so that it remains sturdy and standing despite weather conditions is another option when it comes to protecting your shed and its valuables.

The less sturdy your shed is, the easier it is for criminals to get in and the more likely that crime would occur. Regardless of how you choose to anchor it, don’t wait to do so, as it is an essential part of protecting your shed and its valuable contents.