Black Hexagon Imageprotect your shed and its valuables


Protect Your Shed: Install The Right Lock

10/11/2020 | 7 min read

Criminals know that your shed contains some valuables. It’s no secret that if you own a shed, you most likely purchased it to protect, hide, or store something of value to you. If it’s of value to you, then it probably also possesses value to someone else as well. In previous weeks, we have discussed how the location of your shed, the anchoring of your shed, and the updating of your shed’s hardware allows for the utmost protection of your belongings.

The fourth and last tip we will provide to protect your shed and its belongings is emphasizing the importance of an appropriate, preventative lock. The importance of having a sturdy lock might be self-explanatory, but you’d be surprised how often reliable locks are neglected.

There are many different styles of locks that could do the job of protecting the contents inside your shed. From a combination lock, heavy duty hasp lock, a discus padlock, cylinder deadbolt lock, or electronic locks - the options are (nearly) endless.

While electronic and combination locks might be the most convenient for you, they might not provide the most protection. Codes do not have endless combinations and have the potential to be guessed, automatically making them less secure than alternatives. Cylinder deadbolts have proven over the last century of their existence to be sturdy and secure, but the industry has improved significantly since their debut. Heavy duty hasp locks paired with a padlock are super heavy duty (hint the name), but they are only  protective depending how they are secured onto your shed. We think the most secure lock you could purchase for your shed is a discus padlock. This lock is made of steel and is shrouded, meaning only a portion of the lock is uncovered. This makes it nearly impossible for a thief to be able to pull a part with a crowbar or another tool, becoming the highest recommended lock when it comes to protecting your shed.

Ultimately, every lock has its weaknesses and you have to pick the type that works best for you and protect your shed and its belongings. The most important part is just ensuring that you have one that is reliable and preventative.