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Protect Your Shed: Location

9/18/2020 | 5 min read

Do you have an outdoor structure or shed in your backyard? Is your shed home to your tools, machinery, or other valuables? Do you ever worry about the target that criminals would have on your shed just knowing it’s there? We realize and understand that having a shed is a huge asset and risk for crime. Our goal is to help protect crime from happening to your shed and valuables over the next few weeks by covering a few useful and effective tips each week.

Start by placing your shed in a central location. Ideally, you want the shed to be located in a part of your yard where you can clearly see it from your house, but if possible, not visible from the street. This way criminals that might be passing by from the road would not notice its existence. In addition, if in an appropriate location, you would be able to keep eyes on your shed from the comfort of your home for additional safety measures.

Placing your shed in the ideal location also includes clearing the area surrounding your shed. Trim overgrown bushes and trees. Don’t let overgrown greenery crowd and cover your shed. Doing so is simply providing a place for criminals to hide when trying to break into your shed. This is a simple fix.

Placing your shed in a central location in your backyard, while keeping the surrounding area tidy is the first essential to preventing crime from happening. Start to protect your shed and its valuables today with these simple tips!