Black Hexagon Imageprotect your shed and valuables


Protect Your Shed: Update The Hardware

10/02/2020 | 5 min read

To the criminal’s eye, a shed full of valuables is enticing. However, as the owner, we understand your shed and its contents are to be protected from crime at all times. This week we will be addressing how updating the hardware on your shed can significantly improve not only its value, but its security when it comes to keeping criminals out of it.

You can start updating the hardware on your shed by replacing the door hinges. You want to make sure that the door hinges that you install on your shed are almost impossible to take off from the outside. Opt out of installing any door hinge that could easily be taken off with a screwdriver or another tool. In particular, a set screw hinge would be an excellent option when it comes to securing your shed, eliminating any opportunity to remove the hinges and door from outside of the shed.

Another hardware update you can make to improve your shed’s safety is to obscure the windows. Providing criminals the avenue to see the contents inside your shed is dangerous if you want to protect it. Clear, open windows allow criminals to decide if your shed is worth breaking into, but you shouldn’t even give them that opportunity. To protect your shed, cover your windows with tint or by frosting them out. This still allows light access from the windows, but not criminals to peek inside.

Giving your shed a facelift by updating its hardware can be cost-effective and nearly painless in its installation. By doing so, you are adding an extra layer of protection to your shed and its valuable content. Not waiting to change out the minor details of the hardware on your shed can go a long way in its security.