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Winter Series: Holiday Fire Safety

1/5/21 | 5 min read

Not only is the winter  season the peak time for burglaries, but it is also the peak time for electrical fires. There are definitely best practices that homeowners can follow in order to ensure your home is well protected from the chance of a holiday decor-induced electrical fire.

First, if you have a Christmas tree, position it wisely. Keep it far enough away from wall decor, flammable curtains, or other household items that could spark a fire from your holiday tree. If it’s a real tree, then be careful to water it properly. If not watered nearly daily throughout the winter season, the tree will be drier and more flammable. You don’t want to risk a fire sparking in your home simple because of negligence.

Second, be sure you turn off all holiday lights during the night. From the inside of your home, to any outdoor lights that might be mounted on your roof, or any lights in your yard, be sure they are unplugged overnight. This will only ease any worries and prevent electrical fires from starting while you’re asleep.

Third, stay conscious and aware of the items in your home and their surroundings. For example, be cautious with candles and where they are located and lit in your home. Candles can easily cause a fire in your home without your acknowledgement of their placement. Another good tip would be to test your smoke alarms during this winter season. This is just a simple preventative measure you can take to make sure your home is ready for anything that might happen.

There are a few tips that could help prevent holiday and electrical fires throughout your home and your property during the winter season. Take these best practices into consideration to ensure the protection of your home, your belongings, and your property.