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Winter Series: How To Prevent Criminal Temptation

1/14/2021 | 5 min read

Did you know that Americans spend at least one thousand dollars per month more during the winter season as compared to other seasons? Because of this long period of increased spending, criminals are also aware and strategically eyeing where they can take advantage of this statistic. So, how can we protect our homes, our belongings, and our property during this season?

1. Halt package deliveries

While traveling and away from your home, be sure to halt your package deliveries. Having any sight of mail in your mailbox, packages on your doorstep (even the back door), are the perfect bait to draw criminals onto your property. This is easily avoidable  when you halt package delivery with the carrier services or by kindly asking neighbors you trust to gather your packages and mail for you.

2. Keep up with lawn maintenance

The outside of your home often gives away whether or not someone is there and present. Vacant homes are much more enticing to criminals than homes that are obviously occupied. One simple way to avoid giving the vacancy away while you’re traveling in the winter season is to keep up with lawn maintenance. Trim up the bushes and mow the grass before leaving town and this will make the absence much less evident.

3. Clean your house (on the inside too!)

Although the outside of your home directly reveals whether it’s occupied or not, the inside isn’t off limits for criminals. Make sure the inside of your house is clean, especially the areas that can be seen through a window, especially high theft items. Close your curtains where necessary and keep valuables out of window sight. This includes any presents or packages laying out or around inside your home, in plain sight.

These are three super simple and easy ways to protect your home during the winter season. Doing so will only help protect your home, your belongings, and your property.