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Winter Series: How To Use Technology To Your Advantage

11/29/20 | 5 min read

In a well-connected world, technology can either have tremendous negative effects on our life and our safety or it can be leveraged to your advantage to protect your home, your belongings, and your property. Especially during the peak travel season of the winter months, you should use technology wisely.

Did you know that electronic devices these days can almost fully be customized to your needs? In-home smart devices can actually be programmed to have fake, full conversations with itself to fake a human presence in the home. It can even replay pre-recorded conversations while you’re away so it not only seems like someone is home, but it’s the true voice of the people that reside in the home.

In addition, you can install technology to turn off and on lights during the day/night to fully re-enact a human presence inside the house. You can program almost any device in your home to be remotely controlled. Doing so makes a huge difference in how your home is perceived from the outside eye during the winter season. These features allow you to feel at ease in being able to almost completely control the electronic devices in your home from wherever you are.

Technology can be used to your advantage in protecting your home while you’re gone if you use it correctly. While you should still avoid the use of social media while you’re away from your home, you should feel more comfortable with the idea that your home is secure in its demeanor to criminals.