Front Yard Deterrence Kit
$ 299.00
Try the Front Yard Kit risk-free for 60 days. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Using new ground sensor technology, you can detect and get notified of criminals before they enter your property and deter crime with AI-powered lights and sounds.

We're so confident in Ava's ability to deter crime that we’ll reimburse you up to $500 if anything is stolen or vandalized while Ava is armed.
Try It 60-Days Risk-Free
1 Homebase
AI Processor & Indoor Chime
1 Wireless Ground Sensor
2-Year Battery Life & Free Replacements
1 Outdoor Wired-Camera
Night Vision, 1080p HD Outdoor, WiFi, Water-Resistant
1 Intelligent Outdoor Bulb
Premium LEDs & Deterrent Mode
+ 30-Day Ava Trial
After 30-days you'll be billed $14.99/month for Ava.
No contracts — start or stop at any time.
+ Free Delivery
Same Week Delivery Available.
+ Free Professional Installation
A Perimeter technician will deliver and install your system for free on a day and time that is most convenient for you.
Special offer
Try It Risk-Free
60 Day Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you’re not happy, return the system and we’ll refund 100% of your system purchase costs.
Theft Reimbursement
Up to $500 reimbursement if theft or damage occurs. Perimeter secured area while Ava is armed.
Free Device Replacement
If any sensor or camera is stolen or vandalized while Ava is armed we’ll replace it at no cost.
Neighbor Safe
Perimeter’s intelligent lights and sirens are guaranteed to scare off intruders without upsetting or waking up the neighbors.
Why People Love Perimeter
The Artificial Intelligence really deters crime. I also strongly believe it reduces the number of unwanted notifications and alarms. I am extremely satisfied with the installation and customer service.
Rojith Thomas
Austin, Texas
The Artificial Intelligence really deters crime. I also strongly believe it reduces the number of unwanted notifications and alarms. I am extremely satisfied with the installation and customer service.
Rojith Thomas
Rojith Thomas
Austin, Texas
I've used it for 3 months now. It brings a huge peace of mind at night knowing it scares off anyone in my front yard.
Man picture holding a baby
Ronak P
Austin, Texas
The system is simple and does not require a lot of setup.
Scott Carruth
Scott Carruth
Austin, Texas
I love the peace of mind that I get from this. I was afraid it'd go off when it wasn't supposed to, but it's weird how good it is.
Man picture smiling
Robert K
Austin, Texas
Watching it scare off the guy checking my car door at night was amazing. This is an absolute must-have these days.
Female Image
Cynthia O
Austin, Texas
There's nothing like this. I just wish I'd gotten it before my catalytic convertor was stolen.
Woman picture
Elaine W
Austin, Texas
Have a large property or want to cover more than just your front yard?
A Perimeter Security Specialist can help design a custom solution for your property.

Finally, Crime Prevention That Works

Using the Ground Sensor to detect people earlier and a Camera to confirm the activity, I now have time to deliver a one-of-a-kind light and sound experience to deter crime before it happens.
Try It 60-Days Risk-Free
We take care of everything for you
You don't have to worry about a thing. Our Installation Pros install your Perimeter system, activate it, and show you how to use it for no additional cost. Need something else? Don't worry; support is always just a click away.
Try It 60-Days Risk-Free
WIRELESS Ground Sensor
8.64” x  3.12” x 3.12”
360° Vibration monitoring
360° Passive infrared sensor
Visual & Audio
RGB LEDs interface
Audio notification
Battery lifetime
Up to 2+ years
Outdoor Design
Extreme weather and impact resistant
Operating Temperature
From -30°C to 70°C / from -22°F to 158°F
Wireless, Sub-1GHz technology
9.73” x 5.61” x 5.61”
Data processing
1.8GHz ARM Quad-core processor
400MHz ARM real-time processor
AI inference boost
Cutting-edge TPU Machine
Learning accelerator
User feedback
RGB LEDs interface
Audio notification
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4GHz)
Sub-1GHz technology
Power consumption
Up to 15W
5.8" × 2.9" × 2.9"
280g (0.62lb)
1/2.8”Megapixel Progressive CMOS
2MP(1920 x 1080)
Night Vision
30m(98ft) Distance
Field of View
2.8mm; 128°(D), 108°(H), 56°(V)
Power consumption
DC 12VA Power Supply
Working Environment
:-30°C~+60°C, Less Than 95%RH
Audio Deterrent
Up to 110dB Alarm
Visual Deterrent
Dual Ultra-Bright Spotlights
2.36" x 2.36" x 4.88"
Lamp Holder
Luminoux Flux
Color temperature
Rated Power
Life Expectancy
Approx. 25,000 hour
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.5GHz
Power Factor

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this actually deter car break-ins, theft, and vandalism?


The Front Yard Kit comes equipped with light and sound capabilities via the outdoor light bulb and outdoor camera. The light bulb and camera are intended to be installed in an area visible and nearby to anyone entering your driveway or yard. When Ava is ARMED, she will verify anyone approaching your perimeter and activate a unique combination of lights and sounds to warn and eventually deter any unwanted activity.

I am outside of the United States, can I still buy it?


Yes, following your purchase please contact support for delivery and installation information.

I’d like to use this in multiple areas of my yard, do I need to purchase multiple kits?


No, while the Front Yard Kit can work for any continuous outdoor area up to 9,500 sq. ft, for multiple areas (e.g. backyard, side yard, etc.) you will only need to purchase additional ground sensors and cameras. Please contact support for more information.

Can I use this in my backyard or another area of my property?


Yes, the Front Yard Kit can work for any outdoor area up to 9,500 sq. ft. For areas larger than 9,500 sq. ft., additional cameras, light bulbs, and ground sensors are available for purchase. Please contact support for additional sensor pricing.

Do I need an outdoor plug for the camera?


Yes, there must be an outdoor plug available near the front yard.

Are the camera and ground sensor weatherproof?


Yes, all outdoor sensors have been rigorously tested to withstand the outdoor elements.

How is the Ground Sensor powered?


The Ground Sensor is battery-powered and can last up to 2 years without a replacement battery.

How is Perimeter more accurate than any other camera?


Perimeter is the only system available in the US that incorporates both ground vibrations and computer vision data within the AI models used for object detection.

What happens after my 30-day Ava trial ends?


After 30-days, you'll be billed $4.99/month for Ava. There are no contracts — start or stop at any time.

Can I use the system without Ava?


Unfortunately, no. Ava is an AI that uses ground vibration (Ground Sensor) and computer vision (Camera) data to determine if someone is approaching your yard, and when to deter using lights and sounds. If Ava is not activated, then the system is unable to determine, detect, and deter.

What is needed for installation and setup?


Perimeter will deliver and install your system. To do that, someone will need to be present to plug in the homebase indoor, and an outdoor plug is required for outdoor camera power.

Can I install the kit myself?


Not currently. A Perimeter installer will deliver and install your system at no cost.

What is the ground sensor range?


Up to 1/4 mile from Homebase device.

How much does installation cost?


Installation is currently provided by Perimeter at no additional cost to you.

How big of a property can Perimeter cover?


Our long-range human detection technology makes advanced human-detection coverage possible for any sized property, ranging from a small front yard to 100+ acres.

Can I buy more cameras, light bulbs, or ground sensors?


Yes, for areas larger than 9,500 sq. ft., additional cameras, light bulbs, and ground sensors are available for purchase. Please contact support for individual sensor pricing.

How wide is the viewing angle on the camera?


The Perimeter Outdoor Camera has a field of view of 128°(D), 108°(H), 56°(V).

Is the camera hardwired?


No, the camera uses Wi-Fi, and only requires an outdoor plug.

Got any more questions? Contact us at